Are you looking for the right ERP?

Choosing the right ERP solution is an important thing to consider, therefore, you should think about finding the solution that best suits your requirements.

No matter if you are looking an ERP for academic institutions, hospitals, or medium and small sized businesses there are some pointers to keep in mind before selecting the ERP software.


  1. Determine your return on investment on ERP

There is a chance that you are adopting a new ERP system to reduce costs, so it is important to calculate what your total expenses will be and what business benefits you can expect. This will help you to not only determine which software package/provider provides the best return on investment, but also provides the information your management needs, and will facilitate the approval process once you have made your choice.

  1. Translate your requirements into functional requirements

The best way to choose the right ERP software for your organization/Institute/Hospital is simply to specify the reasons why you want the new system to be in the first place that would be a need and then to determine what features are available to meet these requirements.

If there are too many requirements to implement at once, the step-by-step approach is probably best suited to you, allowing you to prioritise critical functions and prepare them for use on the first day immediately after implementation. These limits not only the time when the implementation process affects productivity, but also helps determine where the requirements are most needed and highlights any that can be overlooked.

Best suited ERP software is flexible and allows you to select a specific functionality to bring it to your company. You should avoid attempts to break into a particular ERP system, and instead focus on finding one that will be better suited to individual processes and business requirements.

An excellent ERP-solution will also allow you to add more functionality over time, if and when required.

  1. Discover new features that were not previously considered

Understanding how business processes go step by step is necessary because it will help you determine which ERP system will best suit your organization and meet the needs of your employees/students. But is there a different way of doing things in a convenient way?

The best new system for any company will be the one that will bring added value, not the one that simply duplicates what you already do, no matter how well it worked in the past. Your ERP vendor can identify areas where you can streamline your business processes with new features that you probably do not know about.


You know your organization better than most people, which also mean that you should understand exactly the changing pace in your organization. If productivity changes throughout the year or if you plan to increase the number of users or functionality over time, it is important that the system is scalable and provides a framework for future growth. In this case, the option of having an effective ERP system enables scalability in your organization.


Shreekant Srivastava

After spending almost two decades in setting up and scaling businesses from various segments, I acquired a diverse set of skills varying from business management, banking and finance, transcription services, and education and customer acquisition. I felt the strong need for a user-centric ERP, complete with relevant business functions and that's why we introduced our very own ShikshaERP.

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