How Important is Technology in Education?

Educational technology is a systematic approach to facilitate learning in a more advanced way. It includes the development and application of both software and hardware tools making education easily accessible and mobile. Although many people still advocate on traditional method of teaching, we can’t deny the possibilities technology has bought us in classrooms.


  1. It enhances the relationship between teachers and students

Technology simplifies the job of a teacher. It saves their time and achieve better results for their students and to their respective institutions from planning lectures to finding useful resources to giving assignments.  Now learning is getting more meaningful and fun.

  1. Learning has no limitations

Engaging with technology while studying has not only helped the students to learn better, but also it helps them to learn multi-tasking skills at the same time.

  1. It simplifies educational resources

With lots of information and resources available online, it is getting easier to find solution to any problem. Also, it helps teachers to connect with their students in a better way.

  1. It makes learning experience more interesting

By incorporating modern technology, teachers are getting more creative and innovative to hold the attention of the class, thus making the experience fun and engaging.

  1. It minimizes the cost of education

Students don’t have to enroll in a full-time educational course to learn from best of the universities in the world. Now it is easy to download study materials, journals right to your phone within minutes.


Whether you like it or not, technology is everywhere. There is a growing demand for online degree courses these days. Educational tools available  is increasing the accessibility of education everywhere.

Shreekant Srivastava

After spending almost two decades in setting up and scaling businesses from various segments, I acquired a diverse set of skills varying from business management, banking and finance, transcription services, and education and customer acquisition. I felt the strong need for a user-centric ERP, complete with relevant business functions and that's why we introduced our very own ShikshaERP.

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