When Should You Sack Your ERP System Provider?

As the name suggests, the primary goal of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is to manage various resources available within your institution to make sure they are being utilized effectively in a cost-effective way. You need the right tool for the right purpose. And most of the time ERP projects fail has to do with people, not technology.

Here selecting a software provider is very important. Remember you are not just choosing the technology; you are also choosing people behind the technology. Ask as many questions till you get satisfactory answers.

  1. Does the ERP system provider know your industry? Ask ever they have worked in your industry and for how long? Whether it is about smoothening administration process or managing online classes, most institutions/companies don’t often give a lot of thought to the vendor. Industry experience is a must while choosing your vendor.
  2. Is your software providing end-to-end solution? Since your software is managing almost all aspects of your organization, your team needs an easy access to it.
  3. Is your ERP system flexible enough? It should be flexible enough to meet your unique organizational needs. Ensure your software provider understands that and make changes whatever and whenever the need arises.
  4. Will the software provider be there when you need them? Not only during implementation, but as and when you need them. How accessible are they once the project is finished?
  5. Is the software affordable? Over the past decade or so, we have observed a tremendous integration of ERP systems in almost all sectors, especially in educational sectors, therefore a huge competition among vendors.
  6. Is your software provider giving training to your people? Knowledge about various features is an important aspect to consider while evaluating ERP for your business. Also it is important to look at the security features, especially with cloud-based services. Ask for features and benefits with a PowerPoint presentation.

There are countless benefits in implementing an ERP solution to your institution, from reducing your operating costs and increasing sales to optimizing customer relationship and improving your productivity. The right ERP solution and the right provider will allow you to streamline and simplify the manual processes so you can focus your time and energy on important business activities. Identify your organization’s goals and do a thorough analysis of available ERP software to help you choose the right technology. You can contact Finesse Webtech for any kind of ERP related assistance.

Shreekant Srivastava

After spending almost two decades in setting up and scaling businesses from various segments, I acquired a diverse set of skills varying from business management, banking and finance, transcription services, and education and customer acquisition. I felt the strong need for a user-centric ERP, complete with relevant business functions and that's why we introduced our very own ShikshaERP.

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