Why Investing In Smart ERP for Educational Institution Is Beneficial?


A simple Google search with “erp for educational institution” returns 34,20,000 results. This confirms the immense demand for ERP in education and also the availability of multiple options to choose from. The decision to choose one ERP solution among the numerous choices available is very tough. The answer lies in “Smart ERP for Educational Institutes” powered by big data analytics and machine learning capabilities.

The Problem

Delivering quality education is the primary motive of every educational institute. They aim to build a society with educated youth with a promising future. Youth are the building block of every nation, and the role of colleges and universities are important in shaping youth and making them ready for future challenges.

However, the process of delivering quality education is a lengthy one. In addition to teaching, testing and evaluation, it includes several other technical and non-technical processes. Managing every process manually or through the individual process specific application is not an ideal solution.

The Solution

Most of the standard ERP solutions are not ideal for educational institutes. They might be perfect for a corporate environment, but any amount of customization will not make them perfectly suitable for an educational institute with hundreds of teachers, thousands of students, numerous program offerings, evaluation processes (assignments, tests, and exams), and all other business functions integrated into the process of education delivery.

The Benefits

New age educational institutions need a smart solution capable of managing every process with ease. They need a solution to help in unifying every entity (inside an education institute) and the related data and to make it available at fingertips to the people who need it.

Intelligent ERP solution for academics dividing the whole system into different entities and create interwoven modules for each entity. Some of the important entities in the academic system are Students, Faculty, Programs, Facilities, Administration, Finance, and Exams etc. All these entities are inter-related, communicating with each other through common keys. So the key concept behind a Smart ERP is the free flow of data between entities without compromising with the data security (breach or leak).

Unlike standard ERP solutions widely available in the market, academic ERP functions as complete Academy Management System (AMS) taking care of routine business functions like HR and Finance, as well as tackling specific processes like Admission Process, Training and Placement, Library and Hostel Allotment, and Examination and Evaluation.

Shreekant Srivastava

After spending almost two decades in setting up and scaling businesses from various segments, I acquired a diverse set of skills varying from business management, banking and finance, transcription services, and education and customer acquisition. I felt the strong need for a user-centric ERP, complete with relevant business functions and that's why we introduced our very own ShikshaERP.

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